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This is a problem that has been having enormous consequenses on American families. In my experience families are conditioned to believe that whatever the hospital and Dr. say is the best option, which MAY be true if you are having a “high risk” pregnancy and delivery, but is probably NOT true for the vast majority of normal births. This is because normal birth varies widely in terms of how much time it takes fron the beginning of labor and the birth of a baby. Dr.s and Hospitals just don’t want to wait that long and have become dependant on various drugs and technologies to ” speed things along” What actually happens is it snarls things up and the cascade of interventions result in a C- section. In fact most c sections are a result of ” failure to progress” after an induction. ┬áRead all about it here


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I am a product of East Coast skeptics, I have no faith in many of the healing charms of the” New Age “. However, the Western tradition of treating all problems as if they were only a matter of manipulating matter annoys me no end. The needs and nature of women, particularly in birthing, is so completely foreign to the western medical community, by and large, it is I believe one of the main reason we have such poor maternal and neonatal health statistics. Here is an article addressing our need for a relaxing ambience in labor rooms and the dramatic improvement in birth outcomes as a result. This relates to Ina May Gaskins ” sphincter law” actually… we do not have voluntary controll over the muscles involved in birth, we need to be ” in the mood” so to speak.

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