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School kids with no love for their elders…  ” If you love me, you will obey me”  Traditionally, this is taught at home, lovingly , by family, over the first 6 years. This develops a trusting relationship with authoritative adults ; loving, firm, attentive parents first, then teachers,  and prepares a child to learn,  Children raised in groups from very young ages bond primarily with their peers…and learn from their peers, and ignore their teachers. The proof is in the pudding.


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This is amazing…  we are SO much more than we know. This bond between mothers and babies is astonishing and so deeply rewarding to those mom’s who have to time to spend with their babies daily…

Here is the article, thanks to Joy In Birthing for the link.

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All of us need to play, but most emphatically our children do.. Even lions and bears, cats, dogs and gerbils play “rough house” with their kids.  Some “do gooders” are attempting to eliminate this kind of play for humans. I give that a well deserved 0 on the value scale. These people seem to be targeting every little behavior that might ever be suspected of trending ” male” for elimination. Don’t wanna live in their world. Here is a vigorous defense of tossing your toddler onto the bed for a tickle..    and here is another article on the same subject.

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