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Birth is unchanged, prettymuch. Medical practice changes every few years and lately the notion of more, more, more obstetrical interference with birth by way of more better machines has not provided the hoped for and expected results of safer birth. In fact, the opposite is true. So, why? I’ll tell you why. Birth is a fine tuned brilliant natural event that SOMETIMES needs a little assist. Modern Western birth practice assumes that the more the medical team takes control of “ the birth” the better it will be but they are incorrect. The body resists being manipulated this way and “ failure to progress” is the single greatest reason for c-sections. Failure to progress from inductions, labor enhanced with pitocin, hospital environment and practices ( not being allowed free movement , sometimes because of early epidurals ) could be avoided by ditching the ‘ medical model” of assisting birth  and adopt the more naturally oriented “ midwife model” of birthing.


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This is a problem that has been having enormous consequenses on American families. In my experience families are conditioned to believe that whatever the hospital and Dr. say is the best option, which MAY be true if you are having a “high risk” pregnancy and delivery, but is probably NOT true for the vast majority of normal births. This is because normal birth varies widely in terms of how much time it takes fron the beginning of labor and the birth of a baby. Dr.s and Hospitals just don’t want to wait that long and have become dependant on various drugs and technologies to ” speed things along” What actually happens is it snarls things up and the cascade of interventions result in a C- section. In fact most c sections are a result of ” failure to progress” after an induction.  Read all about it here

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