The True Needs Of Babies

Parents, please become baby experts, at least as far as your own baby is concerned. These are the basics:  10 things you should know about babies… : ) 


mattress on the floor, waterfalls and oceans projected on the walls.  What a great idea this is… It’s beginning to look like the ideas for birthing rooms that sprang up for a while in the 70’s.

Read all about it right here:  A great encouragement for all mom’s.

read this!    Even celebrities are now seeking Dr.s who have not lost the ability to safely deliver a  breech baby naturally. I was blessed to find a midwife who had done many breech births so when we found out late in the day that my 4th child was breech, we just handled it. It was hard but she was skilled and confident and her assistant Nancy  ( an obstetrical nurse ) was brilliant.

ImagePlease, pay attention to this very important article

It does Wonders for milk production but beyond that it bonds you and your baby together like cement. You could recognize your baby blindfolded by smell.

ImageI’m not saying don’t take it, but you may want to read this first.