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What happens when the power goes out, for three years or so. I keep posting on this subject, but I’d be better off spending my time accumulating massive supplies of freeze-dried food; nothing will change, Whittle predicts, until catastrophe strikes, and I share his gloomy assessment.


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Childbirth safety is not the sole purvue of hospitals, at all…  this latest study from great Britian is the front edge of a dawning realization that childbirth is not safer or better when restricted to hospitals….  

mother_reading_to_children_-_read_aloud_pageREAD YOURSELF !  read to them…  they will follow. …the article you will find under the highlight above is an examination of techniques schools and parents have been using to encourage or require children to read…turns out our trying to force kids to read is backfiring.

There are many dichotomies in this world and  they can make our lives an interesting fruit bowl of options. Generally I like them. Coming of age in the 60’s I was keenly appreciative of the depth and power and beauty of nature and although never a pure naturalist and no longer even a romantic naturalist a la Burns and Shelly and Keats, I still see that nature is a thing of genius, not to be ” mastered” as much as recognized and understood. I wish the birth industry was not having such a hard time with this. The modern medical birth has become dominant it our hospitals and is, surprisingly to the medical world, not resulting in the healthy happy moms and infants they assume their way would produce.

We have developed a dichotomy of a  ” medical model” and a “midwifery model”, of childbirth, one that attempts to control birth with the use of drugs and one that relies on the body to accomplish birth without medical interventions, insofar as wise.  Sometimes they cooperate, often they do not. It has become necessary and not a little challenging for parents-to-be to learn about the choices they will be making about their birth and baby either consciously or unconsciously. A doula needs patience and an ability to present the many options with simplicity because it can be overwhelming to consider in aggregate. If we start with acknowledging birth as at the very least a natural thing that the body is prepared to do, sharing information with new moms-to-be can unwind from there.

There is a lot of unlearning to be done for the mothers who are really interested in having a birth of their own choosing. There is so much misinformation floating about the culture, one can begin to understand why some advocates for natural birth and breastfeeding and home based living and homeschooling and attachment parenting  : ) can get a little wacky in their mission statements and blog stands, so I want to focus this year on the dichotomy between natural life and modern culture… I’ll be exploring many practices and habits of action and thought around birth and nursing and I look forward to anyone who wants to comment, and may I say thank you to everyone from whom I will poach quotes and pictures and articles…( credited of course ).

To start us off, I poached this article from my Facebook page, thanks to Blooming Miracle Doula!   The article tackles the difficulty women face trying to rethink the issue of breastfeeding today.

ImageThis is a recent report on the subject. I recommend it.

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Candy, belly dancing, warm compresses, rebozos. Check it out

very good direction

Slowly the US birthing practices are coming closer aligned to actual birthing reality.  As indicated here

The True Needs Of Babies

Parents, please become baby experts, at least as far as your own baby is concerned. These are the basics:  10 things you should know about babies… : ) 

mattress on the floor, waterfalls and oceans projected on the walls.  What a great idea this is… It’s beginning to look like the ideas for birthing rooms that sprang up for a while in the 70’s.

Read all about it right here:  A great encouragement for all mom’s.